Description of Frasier’s Temporarily Restricted and Endowment Funds (described in Policy # 6)

The following list is for Temporarily Restricted Funds which are not Endowment Funds and can be used when a request is approved:

Board Designated Fund:   This fund allows the Board of Trustees to fund identified needs of Frasier Meadows.

Building Fund:  Future construction can take place through gifts to this fund.

Employee Education Fund:  This fund provides assistance for staff to continue their education.

Employee Emergency Assistance Fund:  This fund provides assistance to employees who have emergency medical, dental or other unexpected needs.

Geneva Percival Fund for Music:  The purpose of the fund is to provide gifts to establish a music fund to strengthen the recitals, concerts, and other musical activities at Frasier for the benefit of Frasier and the Boulder community.  This would allow us to strengthen ties with the local schools and universities in the area.  The fund would also help renovate other musical instruments needed for the music programs.

Memorial/Founders’ Day Fund:  This fund recognizes residents for memorials that are made during our yearly Memorial/Founders’ Day Celebration Solicitation.  The fund receives requests from staff and residents which will enhance the lives of our residents.

Resident Assistance Fund (described in Policy # 30):  This fund provides financial aid to independent and assisted living Frasier member residents who have outlived their financial resources.

Spiritual Life Fund:  This fund provides support for the staff chaplain’s special projects.

Endowment Funds: 

These funds were established by a donor to allow the principal to remain intact in perpetuity, or for a specific time period, and the income is used for the intended purpose:

Chaplaincy Endowment Fund:  The income from this fund provides financial support for the staff chaplains.

Frasier Permanent Endowment Fund:   The income from this unrestricted fund is used as a resource for Frasier.

Staff Scholarship Endowment Fund:  The income from this fund provides educational opportunities for Frasier staff.

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