Frasier Conducts Community Needs Assessment

Frasier Conducts Community Health Needs Assessment

As a not-for-profit organization founded upon the principle of service, Frasier is committed to providing tangible benefits to seniors throughout the Boulder community.  As part of our commitment to service, Frasier recently conducted a Senior Health Needs Assessment to identify the challenges faced by local seniors and to generate solutions to those challenges.  Seniors make up 10% of the Boulder County population and it is vital to provide appropriate and needed services to this large segment of the population.

As part of this effort, Frasier is working with partner organizations including Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder Housing Partners, TRU Care, the University of Colorado, Via Mobility Services, City of Boulder Senior Services Department, Golden West, and Boulder County Area Agency on Aging to identify needs and enhance services available to seniors in the community.

The results of the Needs Assessment indicate that while the vast majority of seniors in the Boulder area feel safe in their neighborhoods, have adequate access to medical and community resources, are physically active and active in the community.  However, there are still challenges.  Almost 20% of seniors have needs for more affordable housing and feel they need more support with personal and home care than they are getting.  While many seniors say they are physically active, nearly half of those surveyed described themselves as overweight or obese and nearly half have not taken any classes on how to manage their chronic diseases.

Frasier’s goal is to celebrate the success of our community seniors and to work with our partners to find ways to address their identified needs.  We will maintain an active dialogue with the public as we move to address the challenges faced by our local seniors.

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