Annual Appeal

Frasier’s 2018 Annual Appeal ends December 31. This year we are raising funds for _____________ at Frasier.  (Sentence about Arts programming).

It’s never too late to make a difference! 

Three reasons to make a tax-deductible gift before midnight on the 31st:

  • Give where you live. Frasier charitable funds help improve the quality of life for residents here at Frasier, and also care for our neighbors in AL, Health Care, and employees, too.
  • Don’t wait for 2019:

    (don’t know if any of the below is true for this year)

    Your charitable donations will likely provide a better tax benefit in 2018 than they will in 2019.  “A deduction now is worth a lot more than it will be in 2018” (Washington Post), so it may pay to accelerate your giving in 2017.

    •  Additionally, giving appreciated stock to Frasier or another nonprofit will also create a bigger benefit to you now. Same logic – you’re (probably) in a higher income tax bracket now vs. next year when the brackets are lowered. Deductions in 2017 will have a bigger impact on reducing the taxes you pay.

As always, each situation is unique. Find out how the new tax law will affect you, personally. Please check with your own financial advisor and/or tax professional. (And ask that professional if you can pre-pay their 2018 invoice – those fees won’t be deductible next year!)

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